Curatorial Philosophy

Jewish Story Partners seeks independent film projects whose fresh, sometimes challenging perspectives shed light on diverse Jewish experiences, histories, cultures, or themes. Whether these stories preserve historical memory, re-cast familiar narratives, surprise with new ideas and juxtapositions, confront difficult realities, or breach artistic frontiers, our curatorial approach is expansive and inclusive. We seek penetrating storytelling rather than a particular agenda. Filmmakers need not be Jewish.

Projects eligible for support fulfill one or more of the following criteria: the project’s content or story explores some aspect of Jewish experiences, histories, cultures, or themes; the project features a Jewish lead or supporting character—explicitly established by the film, implicitly established by the film’s context, or commonly known to be Jewish; the project contributes meaningful new information or insight into a topic relevant to Jewish life; or a Jewish perspective is expressed.

JSP prioritizes artistry, excellence, and singularity when reviewing projects. We seek independent, filmmaker-driven films, from experimental to conventional, that demonstrate an authentic relationship to the material, a clear sense of story and characters, and a conscious, stylistic approach maximizing the potential and power of the material.