Vision and Values

Cinematic storytelling generates empathy, inviting us to see and celebrate each other across perceived boundaries and to gain insight into the human condition. Film is also a vital conduit for the free exchange of ideas in a democratic, open, and pluralistic society. With the films it supports, Jewish Story Partners aims to ignite understanding and spark dialogue among Jews and non-Jews alike. 

We believe creative risk-taking often yields the most emotionally-penetrating and enduring films, and that stories driven by bold, independent voices can unlock powerful truths, new ideas, and fertile connections.  

Jewish Story Partners understands that there is no one monolithic “Jewish People,” or “Judaism.” We are an intersectional, global people of many races, ethnicities, cultures, languages, nationalities, religious convictions, political views, and sexual orientations—impossible to pigeon-hole. In light of this reality, we uplift a multiplicity of stories to reflect the full range of who we are, who we’ve been and who we’re becoming.