A Plowed Face

Director and Producer David Fisher, Producer Michael Berenbaum
A Plowed Face


What does it mean to be Elie Wiesel, the world’s most famous Holocaust survivor? A Plowed Face uncovers the complex and conflicted person behind the legend, and his role in shaping the global conversation about the Holocaust and beyond.

Phase of Support: Production

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David Fisher

David Fisher - Director, Producer

David Fisher is an award-winning filmmaker. Fisher served (1999-2008) as the Director of the New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and is considered instrumental in expanding the fund into a unique cultural body that engages filmmakers from diverse backgrounds, and supports distinctive works of cinematic art, most notably Waltz with Bashir. The 16 documentaries Fisher has made so far demonstrate thorough investigations, revealing broad aspects of Jewish life marked by a very personal and daring POV. His most notable film Love Inventory – “a gem that does the Israeli cinema proud” wrote Emanuel Levy in the Variety – is the winner of Israeli Film Academy award and best documentary at the Jerusalem Festival – was broadcast nationally on PBS. Six Million and One, co-produced by ARTE and Yes-Docu, supported by the Claims Conference, premiered at the Seattle IFF and was released at the Lincoln Plaza in NYC and Laemmle Los Angeles.

Michael Berenbaum

Michael Berenbaum - Producer

Michael Berenbaum is an L.A-based producer, scholar and two times Emmy winner. His involvement in film dates back to his writing the script for a PBS special on the reunion of Holocaust survivors in Washington DC in 1984, and to commissioning the production of historical films to accompany exhibitions at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Berenbaum worked directly with Wiesel leading the President’s Commission that established the Holocaust Museum—a collaboration that offered Berenbaum the opportunity to know and understand Wiesel like few people could. In 1995 he co-produced “One Survivor Remembers” for HBO and the USHHMM. The film garnered an Oscar for Best Short Documentary, a Prime Time Emmy for Outstanding Informational Special, and a Cable Ace Award for Best director of a documentary. Since then, the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teaching Tolerance Program has distributed over 130,000 copies of it to American schools and youth organizations.

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