Ada (Kroll Artist)

Director and Producer Yael Melamede, Producer Hilla Medalia
Ada (Kroll Artist)


Despite being one of Israel’s most important architects, Ada Karmi-Melamede remains largely unknown in the public sphere. Now her daughter- a former architect- sets out to tell the story of this most unusual role model, against the backdrop of the turbulent country Ada is rooted within.

Director Yael Melamede was selected as the 2021 Kroll Artist, which includes an additional grant award to the team.

Phase of Support: Post-Production

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Yael Melamede

Yael Melamede - Director, Producer

Yael Melamede is the co-founder of SALTY Features—an independent production company based in New York City whose goal is to create media that is thought-provoking, vital, and enhances the world. Melamede’s documentary credits include Pay or Die (2023), 1341 Frames of Love and War (2022), the Jigsaw Productions/Amblin Entertainment six-part series Why We Hate (2019), When I Walk (News & Documentary Emmy Award Winner 2015), (Dis)Honesty The Truth About Lies (2015), Desert Runners (2015), Inocente (Academy Award Winner, Best Doc Short, 2013), and My Architect (Academy Award Nominee, 2004). Yael was an architect before becoming a filmmaker and is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Hilla Medalia

Hilla Medalia - Producer

Hilla Medalia, a Peabody Award-winning filmmaker and producer, has received four Emmy® nominations. Her projects have garnered critical acclaim and screened internationally in theaters and on television including HBO, MTV, BBC, Netflix and ARTE. Her range of titles include: Prisoner X (will be released in summer 2023), Innocence 2022 (Venice International Film Festival), H2: The Occupation Lab 2022 (DocAviv), The Reason Why 2021 (Jerusalem Film Festival), Love & Stuff 2020 (HotDocs, DOCNYC), Leftover Women 2019 (Tribeca, ARTE), Transkids 2019 (a 5 episode series for yesDocu and film), The Oslo Diaries 2018 (Sundance, HBO), Muhi – Generally Temporary 2017 (San Francisco FIlm Festival, Hot Docs), Censored Voices 2015, (Sundance Film Festival and Berlinale), The Go Go Boys 2014 (Cannes Film Festival), Web Junkie 2014 (Sundance Film Festival, POV, BBC), Dancing in Jaffa 2013 (Tribeca, IFC Sundance selects), Numbered 2012 (ARTE), After the Storm 2009 (MTV), To Die in Jerusalem 2007 (HBO). Hilla is a member of the American Academy of Film and Television and she holds an M.A. from Southern Illinois University.

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