Alliance of Shame


When Yeshiva University’s Pride Alliance sued the institution for denying an LGBTQ group on campus, the university rushed the case to the Supreme Court claiming an attack on their religious freedom. Now the subject of national attention, the students, faculty, and alumni of YU have become a symbol for LGBTQ issues in the Orthodox community.

Phase of Support: Development

Jeremy Borison

Jeremy Borison - Director, Producer

Jeremy Borison (he/him) is a Modern Orthodox filmmaker originally from Cleveland, Ohio. His films focus on Jewish and LGBTQ identities, and have received awards including the Arthur Miller Creative Arts Award, the AES Short Film Competition, and the North Carolina Film Award. Jeremy has received several grants to support his work towards LGBTQ inclusion in the Orthodox community. He co-founded the Orthodox LGBTQ support group at JQ International, and helped his Orthodox synagogue in Los Angeles draft one of the first LGBTQ inclusion policies of its kind in the country. He is currently in post-production on the feature film, Unspoken, about an LGBTQ teenager in the Orthodox community.

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