Coexistence My Ass!

Director and Producer Amber Fares, Producer Rachel Leah Jones
Coexistence My Ass!


Maverick Israeli comedian, Noam Shuster, has the name of a Jewish MIT professor and the body of a Persian Wonder Woman. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, mass protests, and ongoing violence, she realizes now is the time to employ her unique voice to demand a better future and, in the process, shows us how humor can be used to challenge sexism and racism and fight for justice and equality among Israelis and Palestinians.

Phase of Support: Production

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Amber Fares

Amber Fares - Director and Producer

An award-winning documentary filmmaker best known for her directing debut Speed Sisters (HotDocs, 2015), which aired internationally on Netflix, Al Jazeera, and RAI, her subsequent credits include We Are Ayenda (Amazon, 2023), Gutsy ep5 (AppleTV, 2022), Reckoning With Laughter (AJ Witness, 2021), Convergence (Netflix, 2021), America Inside Out with Katie Couric (National Geographic, 2018), and the Peabody-winning The Judge (PBS, 2017) which she co-produced and filmed. A Sundance Momentum Fellow and Sundance Editing and Story Lab Fellow, Amber is a Canadian of Lebanese origin currently based in New York.

Rachel Leah Jones

Rachel Leah Jones - Producer

A critically acclaimed award-winning documentary filmmaker, Rachel is a two-time Sundance alumna best known for her films Advocate (2019), which won an Emmy for Best Documentary and was shortlisted for the Oscars; Gypsy Day (Sundance, 2012); Ashkenaz (2007); and 500 Dunham on the Moon (Human Rights Watch, 2002). Rachel, currently based in Tel Aviv, is both American and Israeli and speaks English, Hebrew, and Arabic.

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