Issa’s House


Issa Amro and his group of non-violent activists have dedicated their lives to protecting a Palestinian-owned home in Hebron. Israeli-Jewish filmmaker Tomer Heymann set out to give voice to their stories over 2 years ago, and continues to chronicle their struggle after October 7th— bearing witness to their seemingly insurmountable goal of peace and equal rights, now more crucial than ever.

Phase of Support: Production

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Tomer Heymann

Tomer Heymann - Director, Producer

Tomer Heymann is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose career has spanned over two decades. His critically acclaimed films have screened in festivals worldwide and have received prizes at the Berlinale, Hot Docs, SXSW, and IDFA. His film Mr. Gaga: A True Story of Love and Dance (2015) streamed on Netflix, was shortlisted for the European Academy Awards, theatrically released in 17 countries, and is considered the most viewed Israeli documentary in the country’s history. His most recent films include Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life, which aired on the highly regarded BBC documentary series Storyville, and I Am Not (2021), which had its world-premiere at Docaviv and received both Best Director and Best Cinematography Awards.

Leigh Heiman

Leigh Heiman - Producer

Leigh Heiman has been head producer at Heymann Brothers Films since 2021. His resume includes work on award-winning documentaries by director Tomer Heymann, such as I Am Not, which had its world premiere at Docaviv and received Best Director and Best Cinematography Awards. Heiman directed and produced several short films which competed at leading film festivals worldwide. His directorial debut feature-length documentary is currently in production.

Ahmad Amro

Ahmad Amro - Co-Producer

Ahmad Amro, born in Hebron, is a Palestinian activist and practitioner of non-violent resistance. Amro is a member of the organization Youth Against Settlements.

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