Israeli indie-pop sensation Noga Erez navigates political upheaval and personal challenges in the midst of a war at home, just as she is about to release her first U.S. studio album.

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Jono Bergmann and Benji Bergmann

Jono Bergmann and Benji Bergmann - Directors, Producers

Jono and Benji Bergmann are brothers based in Vienna and New York City. Their documentary Camp Confidential for Netflix was shortlisted for an Academy Award and received two Emmy nominations. Their film, Wirecard – The Billion Euro Lie, for SKY/NBCU was nominated for multiple awards across Europe and both brothers won the Blauer Panther for their directing work. Their debut feature Mau, a documentary about design visionary Bruce Mau, premiered at SXSW 2021 and was released theatrically by Greenwich Entertainment.

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