We’ve Been Here Before: What the Punk Scene Can Teach Us About White Supremacy


Social movements often start on the fringes of society, and move to the mainstream. We’ve Been Here Before gets up close and personal with self-proclaimed misfits and nonconformists of punk subculture as they fight against white nationalists and neo-Nazis. What lessons can they share in the struggle against racism and antisemitism, not just in America, but globally?

Phase of Support: Development

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Jacob Kornbluth

Jacob Kornbluth - Director and Producer

Jacob Kornbluth is an award-winning director of TV, film, and theater. He has directed 5 feature films. He has won a primetime Emmy for his work on the Showtime series Years of Living Dangerously, and been awarded a Special Jury Prize for excellence in Filmmaking from the Sundance Film Festival. Jacob founded Inequality Media, with Robert Reich, which has been a “light house” brand for economic storytelling and played a crucial role in framing an economic case for policies in ways everyone can understand. His videos have been viewed close to a billion times on social media.

Francine Hermelin Levite

Francine Hermelin Levite - Producer

Francine Hermelin cultivates and galvanizes a network of 600+ preeminent creators, artists, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, spiritual leaders and activists from a wide swath of industries – tech, media, film, television, politics, journalism, theatre, marketing, finance and health– to produce experiences and products that evolve the Jewish conversation and transform society. To date, she has executive produced and creatively programmed hundreds of hours of conversations and experiences that use art, music and storytelling to challenge the Reboot network and the public at large to think more deeply about their own relationship to Jewishness in the 21st Century and beyond.

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