Through interviews, tweets, and archival footage, a Black Jewish filmmaker unflinchingly shines a light on the headline-making disconnect between Black and Jewish Americans, attempting to untangle age-old propaganda.

Phase of Support: Development

Deem Banton

Deem Banton - Director

Deem Banton is a once in a generation filmmaker. Mentoring under large names in the industry he has had the opportunity to work on feature films, commercials, new media, and of course documentaries. His commercial clients include VISA and Crocs. With his talented crew, he strives to tell stories in convincing and creative manner.

Stephen Tedeschi

Stephen Tedeschi - Producer

Stephen Tedeschi Jr. was Born in Boston, Massachusetts and currently lives with his wife and two children in South Florida. Prior to the pandemic, he was living in New York making films primarily in Manhattan and Long Island. He jokingly says his only regret about moving to Florida is that he hadn’t done it sooner. Stephen is a member of DGA and PGA. He currently has two films shot in New York in post production and is currently shooting a docu-series in Southern Florida. Before the film industry, Stephen was a real estate developer and hospitality operator who took over distressed assets and made them profitable. He was best known for a Night Club in Southampton called South Pointe that its opening night premiered Calvin Harris, with Avicii the following week. Tedeschi has an MBA from George Washington University and a BS from Tufts University.

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